DriveCon® PlastiRok® is our unique environmentally sustainable permeable concrete paving system which substitutes a percentage of mined aggregate with recycled OR post-consumer “single use” soft plastics to form a strong trafficable rigid pavement that absorbs stormwater.

WaterPave’s patented permeable concrete product DriveCon® has now been engineered to include the use of recycled post consumer “single use” soft plastic, producing Australia’s first environmentally friendly permeable concrete paving system. Like our conventional DriveCon® system, PlastiRok® has been engineered to carry pedestrian and vehicle loads, while absorbing rain water which reduces the effects of flooding and recharges the soil below, satisfy local council permeability requirements.

Combining state of the art Australian plastic recycling technology and our patented admixtures WaterPave can now use 95% post-consumer soft plastics that are recovered from a major recycle program here in Australia. All recycled plastic used in our DriveCon® PlastiRok® product comes from Australia’s on waste. No international waste products are used.

The innovative technology turns post consumer soft plastic into what looks like mined aggregate and behaves very similar to mined aggregate once combined with cement. This enables WaterPave to replace a percentage of mined aggregate with PlastiRok® without compromising the strength, water absorbing rates and its long term performance.


Our standard pedestrian grade DriveCon® PlastiRok® permeable concrete product contains 37,500 pieces of recycled, post-consumer, “single use” soft plastics per cubic meter.

National Target

WaterPave Australia National target is to install 10,000 cubic meters of our DriveCon® PlastiRok® product by 30th December 2024. This ambitious target will remove 375,000,000 pieces of post consumer “single use” soft plastics from entering land fill.


A DriveCon® PlastiRok® footpath measuring 1.0klm long x 1.2mtr wide @ 100mm thick contains over 44 million (44,000,000) pieces of recycled “single use” soft plastic packaging from entering Australian landfill.

  • iconCouncil footpath
  • iconDriveways
  • iconCommercial footpaths
  • iconCarparks
  • iconResidential footpaths

This specific plastic-to-cement binding technology is tested to meet Australian Standards, efficiently and effectively replacing conventional mined/mineral aggregate while diverting plastic from landfill.

  • icon95% post-consumer plastics
  • icon3 times lighter than mineral aggregate
  • iconLower thermal mass
  • iconLess wear and tear on equipment
  • iconReduced transportation and installation

Standard colour range

Here is our current range of standard colours, achieved by adding oxide to the mixture when batching. Other colours are available upon request. Please note that these are indicative only and may differ from the actual product!
Bluestone oxide
Charcoal oxide
Peppercorn oxide
Sandstone oxide
Soapstone oxide
Papyrus oxide
Ravine oxide
Why Choose WaterPave?
We are the only company in Australia offering a permeable concrete paving system backed by a patent.
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Permeable Paving Options
Permeable Concrete

The DriveCon® permeable concrete system consists of a single-pour method. Unlike ‘no-fines’ concrete, this system contains our patent admixture and engineered mix design to form a strong, trafficable, rigid permeable/porous/pervious paving system.

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Resin-bonded Stone

DriveTec® is our premium finish option which comprises UV-stable resins mixed with granite or marble aggregates bonded to the DriveCon® fine aggregate sub-base to form a strong rigid permeable paving system.

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    Permeable Solutions

    Our mix designs are specific to the nearest plant to your job site. We carefully measure and test our products regularly to ensure that the product installed is strong, permeable and compliant with the council requirements

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    Proven Technology

    Our admixtures and installation techniques have been used successfully for dozens of years and stand the test of time. We use best-of-breed ingredients to ensure that the product received performs exactly as it’s designed every time.

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    Focus on Quality

    Our teams of installers are trained onsite to ensure that your installation is always at the highest quality possible. We are very careful about the installation techniques – from preparation, placing and post-installation procedures. Quality is KING!

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