Mission Statement: To reduce the use of traditional hard paving and the impact is has on the environment


WaterPave is an Australian-owned company providing a highly professional approach to the supply and installation of its unique permeable paving systems DriveCon® and DriveTec® throughout Australia. Right from the initial phone call, professional staff will guide you through the installation process and find the right product for your job.

Martin Cook, director of WaterPave, created the business in 2012 when he discovered a major void in the building industry for quality-made, fit for purpose permeable concrete paving. As a registered builder, Martin undertook several property development projects, and on numerous occasions was faced with the council requirement for a permeable driveway system due to large trees on or neighbouring his development sites. Unsatisfied with the available options, “no-fines” and single unit pavers he decided to research the industry and develop his own permeable concrete paving systems. DriveCon® was born.


Our DriveCon® permeable concrete paving has been designed and engineered to reduce the impact on the environment hard impervious surfaces such as ready mix concrete and asphalt have. Stormwater enters our waterways (creeks and rivers) largely untreated via traditional paving methods such as concrete and asphalt. This stormwater not only carries harmful toxins from our roads damaging wildlife and our ecosystem along the way it also contributes to flash flooding. The unique design of our DriveCon® permeable concrete paving provides a hard solid paving slab that allows the stormwater to be absorbed at the source, removing 99% of the harmful toxins and drastically reducing the effects of flooding. The water passes through the matrix of the slab and returns the clean water back into the ground below and recharging the water table. Permeable concrete also plays a significant role in reducing the “Heat Island Effect” which contributes to the heating of the earth.

Our permeable concrete paving systems are suitable for residential or commercial applications as well as council civil projects, permeable (or pervious) paving is a durable and versatile alternative to traditional hard surface techniques like concrete and asphalt while also having the added benefit of an attractive overall appearance.

Here at WaterPave we provide two permeable concrete paving systems DriveCon® and DriveTec®. To learn more about which one will best suit your paving needs you can chat to our dedicated team of experts by simply clicking here.


We are the only company in Australia offering a permeable concrete paving system backed by a patent.

Established in 2012 WaterPave are a dedicated team driven by a passion to develop and deliver to the market, the most technologically advanced “fit for purpose” permeable concrete paving products to help reduce the effects traditional hard surfaces have on the environment.  

We specialise in all things permeable concrete from installation, proprietary admixtures, mix designs and specialised placing equipment and techniques.

At WaterPave we pride ourselves on carrying out each installation on time and in a professional manner with our highly-trained installation teams. To find out more about our products and services simply click here to speak to a member of our team.

Mission Statement – to be highlighted

  • To reduce the use of traditional hard paving and the impact they have on the environment

Core Values

  1. Courage
  2. Innovation
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  4. Respect

Our Guiding Principles

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • The golden rule (treat people they way you expect to be treated)
  • Be a leader and don’t be afraid
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Permeable solutions

Our mix designs are specific to the nearest plant to your job site. We carefully measure and test our products regularly to ensure that the product installed is strong, permeable and compliant with the council requirements

Proven technology

Our admixtures and installation techniques have been used successfully for dozens of years and stand the test of time. We use best-of-breed ingredients to ensure that the product received performs exactly as it’s designed every time.

Focus on quality

Our teams of installers are trained onsite to ensure that your installation is always at the highest quality possible. We are very careful about the installation techniques –  from preparation, placing and post-installation procedures. Quality is KING!


Providing quality permeable solutions since 2012